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Training with Ernest Choi

Training with Ernest ChoiTraining with Ernest Choi

T'ai Chi Ch'uan


T'ai Chi Ch'uan

is a Chinese martial art and movement practice that is renowned for its unlimited health and life benefits. An exercise, a learning tool, a self defense method, a scope through which one can re-envision the entire universe; T’ai Chi is an art that allows the practitioner to engage all aspects of the self.  It is for everyone: weak or strong, old or young.  You step on the floor and do the work. It begins and ends in your practice. Many benefits come along the way. 

Yang Style Long Form in the tradition of Mr Lee Shiu Pak

is the form that I teach. It is practiced slowly, focusing on structure, alignment, and sequence. The stance size can be varied to suit the needs of the practitioner. Lee Shiu Pak (pictured here) was my teacher’s teacher. His work exemplified the dynamic balances of stillness and movement, structure and freedom. While it is each individual’s work on the training floor that earns the benefits, the form that we have inherited from Mr Lee is unique in its beauty and proportions. It is the most effective learning tool that I have encountered in a lifetime of movement study.

My Teacher -Sam Slutsky

I met Sam in a T’ai Chi seminar in 1994 in Kingston Ontario. We were standing in the opening posture at the beginning of the workshop and Sam came up and made a small adjustment of my forearm and wrist. From that seemingly small realignment I could feel my feet under me much more clearly than ever before. He looked at me and said "you can feel your feet now can't you". I knew immediately that I had found my teacher. His approach to the art is deeply traditional and also completely his own. He is a unique voice, a living treasure, and my great friend. Please visit Sam's website here: 


The T'ai Chi form exists to serve all people. We are all here to help each other. Though the solo form is the largest part of T'ai Chi practice there is a spirit in this art that is uniquely cooperative. I took up T'ai Chi with the aim of developing my martial skill. Over time I have come to see that my greatest enjoyment in the art has always been in teaching and the bonds that I have shared with my T'ai Chi family. 

Private and Small Group Lessons, Locations and Pricing

T'ai Chi lessons can be done at your home or at a park. Each lesson is at least one hour. I will teach up to four people together for the same cost as one. 


Initial session (at least 90 minutes) $80

8 Sessions (at least 1 hour) $480

16 Sessions (at least 1 hour) $800

Rates listed are for locations in  Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Duluth, Roswell, Peachtree Corners, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, and Buckhead.  Please call to discuss rates for locations outside of these areas. 

Current Classes

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