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Training with Ernest Choi

Training with Ernest ChoiTraining with Ernest Choi




is training designed for the individual. It must meet the individual where they are and evolve continuously to carry the individual toward and beyond their fitness goals. It is never a straight path and it is always challenging. It takes some time for a really skilled personal trainer to get to know the client. There is no formula. The client and trainer create a program from their work together. 

My Style

is based in practical movement study and always revolves around enabling the client to approach exercise more dynamically and physically. I am skilled at finding ways for even people who are weak, infirm, or injured to work out vigorously. I understand that there is a time to push and a time to maintain, though personal training inherently leans strongly toward the side of pushing. I train clients to learn about exercise and their bodies in order to become their own trainer, so yes, I am aiming with each client to work myself out of a job. My exploration of what is now called “Functional Fitness” began many years before it came into fashion. I use everything at my disposal to create exercises and programs for each client to exceed their fitness and life goals. 

My specialties include:

 -functional fitness

-core training

-senior fitness and balance and stability training 

-body mechanics and movement coaching

-sport specific conditioning and performance

-interval training and cardio strategies

-battle ropes 



The only populations that I do NOT seek to train are competitive bodybuilders, physique competitors, and competitive weight lifters. There are many people who are better qualified to train these populations.

Training Modalities

body weight exercises, functional equipment (I am in love with battle ropes and I always have a set in my car), weights (free weights, kettle bells, stack weights) and select resistance training machines, cardio equipment, running (particularly trails), stretching and decontraction, speed and agility (athletic) training, coordination and balance challenges

Core Training

Though I do not like the term "core" I am using it because it is now the term commonly used to refer to the muscles of the trunk.   Most of the fitness industry simply has the wrong understanding of core training, the function of the abdominal muscles, and how to train them optimally. The "core" muscles must be trained to be elastic, supportive, dynamic, and responsive; NOT rigid or held. The relationship of the spine to the "core" muscles is the key to moving dynamically and I teach all of my clients how to work toward optimizing that relationship.

Locations and Pricing

Personal training sessions can be done at your home, at a park, or at my main Gym:

Anytime Fitness

8465 Holcomb Bridge Rd 

Alpharetta GA 30022

Assessment and initial session (at least 90 minutes) $90

8 Sessions (at least 45 minutes) $600  ($75 per session)

Rates listed are for locations in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Duluth, Roswell, Peachtree Corners, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, and Buckhead. Please call to discuss rates for locations outside of these areas.